Mark Gaynor, Managing Director and Chair of the Amerex Executive Committee

Mark Gaynor has 26 years of brokerage experience in both over-the-counter swaps and futures markets, spanning a number of different energy related products. Mr.Gaynor joined Amerex in 1988 in London and held various positions in the international crude oil division, including co-managing the business. During that time he conducted physical, OTC financial, as well as futures and options business on behalf of a diverse array of clients including major international oil companies, regulated government entities, large industrial clients, investment funds and investment banks.

Mr. Gaynor relocated to Amerex’s Houston office in 1998 to assist in the development of the East Power brokerage business and has been a key member of both the management and brokerage teams since that time. Since 2009, Mr. Gaynor has been instrumental in integrating screen based technology for the OTC brokering of locational risk products in east power and Amerex continues to be a market leader in this area today. Mr. Gaynor serves as Managing Director and leads the Executive Committee for Amerex Brokers LLC.