Stephen Marland, Managing Director

Stephen Marland has 25 years of brokerage experience. He started his brokerage career in 1989 at Bierbaum Martin in New York, brokering Eurodollar deposits and Forward Rate Agreements. In 1991, Mr. Marland joined Tullet & Tokyo as a broker and managed the currency/interest rate arbitrage desk. In 1997, Mr. Marland began brokering power at Prebon and he relocated to Houston to help Prebon establish a Houston office. Mr. Marland then spent three years as an East power trader at Reliant. In 2002, Mr. Marland joined Amerex as a broker and helped start the Northeast power desk, where he ultimately became a manager of the East power business. Mr. Marland now serves as Managing Director, where he helps run the day-to-day operations of the business. Mr. Marland earned a BS in Finance and Economics from American University.