Founded in 1978, Amerex is a leading over-the-counter energy brokerage offering services in electricity, natural gas, emission credits and allowances, renewable energy credits, retail energy procurement, energy consulting and energy data services. From its office in Houston, Amerex offers liquidity and timely execution to meet the needs of a global client network of more than 1,000 firms including thousands of traders and risk management professionals.

As one of the oldest and largest over-the-counter energy brokers in the world, Amerex offers comprehensive daily indicative price reports covering the North American gas, power, and environmental markets. Amerex also offers a historical database with over 10 years of historical data.

EnergyMatch® is GFI Group’s online energy trading platform in North America. It reflects the GFI and Amerex hybrid broking strategy – experienced brokers supported by advanced technology providing both electronic and broker-assisted execution.