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Amerex can help.

As one of the oldest and largest over-the-counter energy brokers in the world, Amerex offers comprehensive daily indicative price reports covering the North American gas, power, and environmental markets.

Amerex Data Products Feature:

  • Daily closing prices for a broad range of energy markets
  • Monthly, seasonal, and calendar year tenors
  • FASB compliant bid/ask format
  • Regional Granularity
  • Customer Specific Reports
  • Delivery in a multitude of popular messaging formats
  • Easy to manage enterprise wide subscription fee solutions
  • Natural Gas: 66 locations; Tenors to 2017
  • Electric Power: 134 instruments; Tenors to 2018
  • Carbon and Emissions: Tenors to 2015
  • RECs: Tenors to 2016
  • Natural Gas Spread Matrix and Power Spread Matrix reports

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What customers are saying
“We were looking for historical data for natural gas and electricity OTC contracts for research purposes at a modest price. We were able to find just that at Amerex.”
–Gary B. Gorton, Robert Morris Professor of Banking; Professor of Finance at the Wharton School

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