North American Carbon Markets

Voluntary Carbon and Pre-Compliance Markets

The North American Voluntary and Pre-Compliance Market is a robust and dynamic arena where investments are made into emission reduction projects to create carbon credits. These carbon credits are created by project developers that voluntarily reduce emissions from various projects that include N2O abatement, Landfill Gas Methane, Ozone Depleting Substances, Forestry, Agriculture Methane and alternative Soil Management practices. These projects must follow strict and transparent rules that have been developed by various approved standards. These standards include the Climate Action Reserve, Voluntary Carbon Standard, American Carbon Registry, EPA Climate Leaders, Chicago Climate Exchange and The Gold Standard to name a few. Once these credits are issued, they are sold to "Pre-Compliance" entities that may be regulated under a federal or regional cap and trade system. These credits may also be sold to various Corporate Social Responsible firms that have an internal initiative to voluntarily reduce their carbon footprint.

As we enter into a carbon constrained world, let Amerex assist your firm. As a leader in the North American Carbon Market, Amerex works with both project developers and pre-compliance entities. With our trading platform, Amerex provides project developers transparency in an illiquid market by providing detailed information on market fluctuations with our daily North American Carbon Market Price Report. As a Pre-Compliance entity, Amerex can source quality carbon credits from our network of project developers as well as lend our expertise to assist in the development of a sound hedging strategy for future compliance requirements.

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